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  1. Boy's Shirt
    Boy's Shirt

    Kaneshie Market Boy's Wear - African Print shirt; Great for summer, casual an...

  2. Organza Lace
    Organza Lace

    Kaneshie Market Laces -  This Elegant Lace fabric has all the assets you...

  3. Shoes & Matching Purses
    Shoes & Matching Purses

    Kaneshie Market Shoes & Matching Purses/bags -  This Elegant shoes a...

  4. SHITO (Ghana Hot Chili Sauce) 8oz Jar
    SHITO (Ghana Hot Chili Sauce) 8oz Jar

    Shito, is a Ghanaian hot chili source. A product fr...

  5. Chevron Top - Gray
    Chevron Top - Gray

    Kaneshie Market Women Wear - Chevron blouse with trimmings/ Angelina cloth de...


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